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ES7 : Et ça continue en Sardaigne !

ES7 : Et ça continue en Sardaigne !

Après Loeb, Neuville, Latvala, c’est Petter Solberg (Ford/Michelin) qui a dû se retirer au cours de cette deuxième journée du Rallye d’Italie-Sardaigne. Hirvonen est désormais leader devant Novikov, alors que Mads Ostberg est passé quatrième derrière Tanak....
Citroën/Michelin aux avant-postes en Italie

Citroën/Michelin aux avant-postes en Italie

Citroën a remporté la deuxième spéciale grâce à Mikko Hirvonen. De son côté, Loeb a porté son avance au général à 13 secondes sur le troisième Petter Solberg. Premier sur la route, Jari-Matti Latvala est cinquième à plus de 40...
Vidéo: la première journée du Rallye d'Italie

Vidéo: la première journée du Rallye d'Italie

La première journée du Rallye d'Italie vu par Best-of-RallyLive....
ES1 : Loeb déjà aux commandes en Sardaigne

ES1 : Loeb déjà aux commandes en Sardaigne

La première spéciale du Rallye d’Italie-Sardaigne 2012 a été remportée par Sébastien Loeb sur sa Citroën DS3 WRC/Michelin, devant son équipier Mikko Hirvonen. Solberg, Ostberg et Latvala complètent le top-five....
Bilan des « qualifs »

Bilan des « qualifs »

Pour solutionner le problème des ordres de départ, la FIA a instauré cette saison un système de Qualifying Stage sur les rallyes terre/neige. Nous profitons de la dernière épreuve 100% terre 2012 pour faire le point sur ces « qualifs...
Et courent les rumeurs…

Et courent les rumeurs…

Qui sera deuxième pilote chez Citroën Racing ? Qui rejoindra Ogier chez Volkswagen ? Quid des pilotes Ford 2013 ? Et le cas Mini ? Et celui de Hyundai ? Les rumeurs vont bon train en ce moment dans les...
Vidéo : la sortie de route de Solberg

Vidéo : la sortie de route de Solberg

Découvrez la spectaculaire sortie de route de Petter Solberg lors de l'ES9 du Rallye de France en caméra embarquée....
Ford repousse l’échéance

Ford repousse l’échéance

Grâce à la 1ère place de Jari-Matti Latvala et la 3e de Petter Solberg au Wales Rally GB 2012, Ford a empêché Citroën de décrocher son 8e titre Constructeurs au Pays de Galles. En revanche, les pilotes Citroën ne peuvent...
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 19h08
    That concludes our coverage for today, join us tomorrow for the final stage of the 2016 Rally Sweden!
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 19h07
    Tomorrow the itinerary is that the drivers will go straight to a regroup in Hagfors before attempting the Power Stage at 12:08 local time (CET)
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 19h06
    Going into the overnight the provisional classification: 1-Ogier (Volkswagen) 1:52:07.4, 2-Paddon (Hyundai) +17.1, 3-Ostberg (Ford) +42.3, 4-Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) +1:07.4, 5-Tanak (Ford) +1:31.6, 6-Sordo (Hyundai) +1:56.3, 7-Solberg (Ford) +2:17.2, 8-Breen (Citroën) +2:20.8, 9-Evans (Ford R5) +4:44.7, 10-Tidemand (Skoda R5) +5:02.6
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 18h52
    The drivers now head off to service and the overnight before the final day of Rally Sweden tomorrow.
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 18h52
    Earlier today, organisers decided to run only one stage tomorrow, the last stage of the rally SS21 Varmullsasen (15.87 kilometres) which also doubles as the Power Stage with extra points on offer to the drivers.
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 18h29
    [SS17] The final two WRC cars go through the stage with Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) taking the win and the fastest time (1:34.9) on the stage. Kris Meeke (Citroën) competed against Latvala on the stage and set the 6th fastest time of 1:38.7
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 18h24
    [SS17] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai - 1:40.1) and Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën - 1:41.0) are through next.
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 18h22
    [SS17] Ott Tanak (Ford) and Dani Sordo (Hyundai) are through next, Tanak takes the win and goes fastest with a time of 1:37.6, Sordo comes in with 1:38.5 to go 2nd fastest on the stage so far.
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 18h20
    [SS17] Mads Ostberg's Ford takes the win and goes fastest on the stage with a time of 1:38.6 - Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) finishes 3rd fastest with a time of 1:39.1
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 18h18
    [SS17] Next pair of Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) and Mads Ostberg (Ford) are on the track.
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 18h16
    [SS17] - At the line, Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) takes the win with a time of 1:38.9 as team-mate Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) comes in with a time of 1:39.2, some 0.3-seconds behind...
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 18h13
    SS17 Super Special Stage Karlstad is now live with the first pair of Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) and Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) on the two car track
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 14h32
    Only one more stage today, SS17 Super Special Stage Karlstad (1.90 kilometres). Unfortunately we are unable to get a reporter to the end of this stage, however will bring any news as it becomes available. SS17 goes live at 18:11 local time (CET)
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 14h30
    [SS16] Yazeed Al Rajhi (Ford) - Has had a mechanical issue in the stage and managed to continue slowly. However, he has left the stage via an access road prior to the finish of the stage. Looks like his rally is over.
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 14h26
    [SS16] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 12:49.8 “I tried to keep going with a good rhythm. A lot of rocks visible and so easy to make a mistake when you don’t have any snow. I was happy with the driving. We had two new tyres for the stage. The rear is quite worn now.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 14h24
    [SS16] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 12:57.8 “I think I have a puncture, I have a big vibration from the wheel. I have an issue somewhere in the wheel. I had this from early in the stage.” - Rear right
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 14h19
    [SS16] Henning Solberg (Ford) 13:08.5 “I should never have taken two spares. One big (moment) at the start, I was just flat, flat, flat and then it wasn’t flat any more…”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 14h15
    [SS16] Craig Breen (Ford) 13:04.6 “Not very good. I was too hard on the studs on Rammen and on this one I lost the studs completely. I am surprised at the time, I thought it would be a lot slower than that.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 14h13
    [SS16] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) 13:42.4 “I kept correction my notes, going faster and faster. It is better, but if there was a third time it would be better…”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 14h09
    [SS16] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 12:54.5 “Maintaining position now, 10-seconds is like a minute to everyone else. Not a great stage.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 14h06
    [SS16] Ott Tanak (Ford) 13:08.1 “All day the same frozen gravel. Unfortunately not working for us. We have to keep working. Yesterday we had a very strong day.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 14h03
    [SS16] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 12:53.7 “Was okay, a little bit difficult, change of grip a lot. Okay, a lot of snow and slippery in places.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 14h01
    [SS16] Mads Ostberg (Ford) 12:58.1 “It is just gravel with snow and ice on the outside, tricky conditions. Not much to do really we just try to stick onto this position now.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 13h57
    [SS16] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 12:54.0 “We broke damper on the rear right…”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 13h54
    [SS16] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 12:52.9 “This stage was clean I took it a bit steady after a moment on the previous stage.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 13h51
    [SS16] Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) is through with a time of 12:48.8 - Admitted to having had some moments in the stage.
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 13h39
    SS16 is now live
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 13h15
    Next up is a re-run of the Vargasen test, SS16 gets underway at 13:38 local time (CET)
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 13h10
    [SS14] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 11:04.9 “Had a good run, really enjoyed it. Some places I could have been faster. Interesting but I enjoyed it. The snow is mixing up with the frozen gravel.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 13h05
    [SS14] Henning Solberg (Ford) 11:22.8 “I stopped in the star for 5 or 10 seconds. That is how it is. I lost so much in the start.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 13h01
    [SS14] Craig Breen (Ford) 11:21.4 “Not so bad, I had quite a bad feeling with the rear right towards the end of the stage. There is improvement with every stage so I have to bide my time.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 12h59
    [SS14] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) 12:03.7 “It’s good, it is just a pity that we have done the stage on gravel, some of the roads could be faster.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 12h55
    [SS14] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) “Not much snow in here at all. He (Ogier) is obviously pushing. On this surface you feel the studs are getting a bit of a hard time.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 12h51
    [SS14] Ott Tanak (Ford) 11:24.2 “It is not our day today, we cannot do any more. Pretty hard for the tyres, a good run for us.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 12h48
    [SS14] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 11:19.8 “Was really fast. Not so bad, we did not take a lot of risk. Difficult in some places.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 12h45
    [SS14] Mads Ostberg (Ford) 11:13.7 “I pushed a hard as I could for sure. Quite a good stage. Seb (Ogier) is obviously 6-seconds quicker but what can I do. (On the next stage) It is going to be hard with a lot of gravel.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 12h43
    [SS14] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 11:16.8 “Quite a lot of grip on the stage so I had a good clean run. Try to learn the car a bit more. I am not fighting for the win, in some places I took it a bit more steady, in some places I was a bit more careful.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 12h39
    [SS14] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 11:33.4 “A pace note which was too positive, we slid off and had to turn around. We lost a lot of time. I knew the next stage would be really hard for us in front. Just one pace note which was too positive, with the snow the pace note was not 100% accurate.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 12h35
    [SS14] Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) 11:08.5 “It was completely flat out… I took so much risk and good fun. I cannot go faster definitely. With the road position I can say I have done my best. For sure it will get a little bit quicker behind.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 12h31
    SS14 Rammen (22.76 kilometres) which should have been run earlier in the day is now live. It has wide and fast open roads and is the same as in 2015.
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 10h59
    The drivers now have a refuel, tyre change and regroup in Hagfors before three more stages this afternoon. SS14 Rammen (22.76 kilometres) goes live at 12:24 local time (CET)
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 10h54
    [SS12] Yazeed Al Rajhi (Ford) completes with a time 14:07.7
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 10h51
    [SS12] Henning Solberg (Ford) 13:22.0 “I am pushing, I had some moments… Third time is good, I can still drive!”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 10h47
    [SS12] Craig Breen (Ford) 13:23.4 “Not bad is it. I am sure the guys will come faster behind. It’s like I am playing a playstation, incredible feeling.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 10h46
    [SS12] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) goes through the finish with a time of 14:20.1
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 10h42
    [SS12] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 13:10.9 “I think this stage helped us a little bit more. I think the road is a bit cleaner. We have done a good job with it so I have to be happy with that. It was all under control, sideways is more fun!”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 10h38
    [SS12] Ott Tanak (Ford) completes 13:41.5
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 10h36
    [SS12] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) comes through with a time of 13:30.8
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 10h32
    [SS12] Mads Ostberg (Ford) 13:16.1 “For sure it is cleaning, it was something that we expected. We did quite a good stage and I am pleased to see that we are catching some time.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 10h31
    [SS12] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 13:26.1 “It was okay, quite slippy, I think the road is getting faster and faster. For me it was the stage to get back in the rhythm after yesterday. It was quite slippy.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 10h28
    [SS12] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 13:26.7 “I had a pretty clean drive, I am happy with that. It is cleaning a lot on this stage.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 10h25
    [SS12] Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) 13:34.5 “I am very happy with my stage, I don’t do it again. This one one I might lose quite a bit.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 09h07
    SS11 Rammen 1 was cancelled as part of the original route changes by the organisers, so the next stage is SS12 Vargasen (24.70 kilometres) which goes live at10:08 local time.
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 09h05
    [SS10] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 10:50.6 - Front left puncture - “In my notes many places I marked well the rocks, I knew that Dani Sordo had a puncture towards the end.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 09h02
    [SS10] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 9:49.3 “You have to ride your luck. I was really careful on the last 5 or 6 k’s driving round the rocks to make sure we didn’t puncture.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 08h58
    [SS10] Yazeed Al Rajhi (Ford) 10:19.2 “The stage I think very rough, I think something damage in the car. I think we do it well.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 08h53
    [SS10] Craig Breen (Ford) 10:06.1 “It’s back to learning again. Unfortunately Eric (Camilli) had quite a big accident at the beginning of the stage which put me off a bit. A lot of compressions in places, the car was touching in places.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 08h47
    [SS10] Eric Camilli (Ford) - Reported to have rolled in the stage
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 08h45
    [SS10] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 9:48.9 “Some places where we have good grip but some places where we have some ice. I don’t think there is any gain on the road position. This was not a very clean stage for us, we can improve a lot.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 08h45
    [SS10] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) “We start not very well, with the snow it looks different. It was quite difficult.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 08h44
    [SS10] Ott Tanak (Ford) came through with a time of 9:59.5 - Commented no problems, did see the rocks mentioned by previous drivers.
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 08h43
    [SS10] Ott Tanak (Ford) came through with a time of 9:59.5 - Commented no problems, did see the rocks mentioned by previous drivers.
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 08h38
    [SS10] Ott Tanak (Ford) came through with a time of 9:59.5
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 08h36
    [SS10] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 10:49.3 - Front left puncture - “4-kilometres from the end we have a lot of stones in the road and we puncture. I will try, I lost 1-minute now.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 08h34
    [SS10] Mads Ostberg (Ford) 9:55.7 “That was a crazy opening to the day. I had a big big moment on the opening to the stage and was lucky to get a way with it. On a corner I went wide and slid down to the ditch on the exit. I had to back off a bit.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 08h30
    [SS10] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 9:59.5 “Was a problem with fixing the roll bar, but everything is okay. We had a small misunderstanding in the car at the beginning of the stage with some small junction and we brake in a straight line.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 08h24
    [SS10] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 9:47.2 “With all the snow I follow Sebastien’s lines. He is in every ditch, taking massive risk! He is stretching the boundaries.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 08h23
    [SS10] Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) 9:43.3 “It is not the best (being first on the road) but it I not too bad. For sure it is going to cost me compared to the guy behind. I am happy with my stage my drive.”
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 08h20
    Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) left service this morning with a 20-second penalty after being delayed fitting a replacement part.
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 08h19
    Whilst SS10 Fredriksberg is one of the classic Swedish stages, it is effectively a new stage this year as it is being run in the opposite direction.
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 08h15
    SS10 is now live with Sebastien Ogier into the test. He will have his work cutout cleaning the road.
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 08h12
    It has been snowing overnight with reports varying from 5 to 10 centimetres of the white stuff having fallen depending on your location. Currently at the end of SS10 it is approximately -6ºC.
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 08h09
    Today we have five stages totalling 92.25 kilometres, with the first stage of the day SS10 Fredriksberg (18.19 kilometres) about to go live.
  • sam. 13.02.2016 / 08h08
    Good morning and welcome to day 2 of Rally Sweden, the second round of the FIA World Rally Championship.
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 16h50
    That concludes our coverage for today, join us again tomorrow for all the comments live from the stage ends.
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 16h40
    Provisional overnight classification: 1-Ogier (Volkswagen) 1:03:10.5, 2-Paddon (Hyundai) +26.9, 3-Ostberg (Ford) +33.7, 4-Tanak (Ford) +34.8, 5-Sordo (Hyundai) +38.2, 6-Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) +42.0, 7-Solberg (Ford) +1:36.9, 8-Breen (Ford) +1:38.8, 9-Camilli (Ford) +2:43.5, 10-Bertelli (Ford) +3:08.5
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 16h36
    Tomorrow we have five stages totalling 92.25 kilometres. The first stage of the day is SS10 Fredriksberg (18.19 kilometres) and it goes live at 8:11 local time (CET). More snow is forecast overnight, which if it comes will make life difficult for Sebastien Ogier, the first man on the road.
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 16h31
    The drivers now head back to Karlstad for a well deserved 45-minute service and the overnight.
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 16h09
    [SS9] Yazeed Al Rajhi (Ford) “We try to push a little bit. We push little bit in the fast section, help me to make good time. Hope tomorrow we can reach more high level.” - His first day in a WRC car.
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 16h07
    [SS9] Henning Solberg (Ford) “I drive like a maniac… The engine did not go for a long time… It’s not bad. For a long time I was absolutely crazy.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 16h05
    [SS9] Craig Breen (Ford) “I had a spin, I had a funny feeling on a left hander like I had lost the studs. I am still happy with the day, with the speed. I need to improve, make some improvements and start again tomorrow.” - Has damaged the right rear wheel, the tyre is off the rim.
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 16h03
    [SS9] Eric Camilli (Ford) “I am happy for this afternoon and for the learning. This last one was hard and easy to damage the car. I am happy.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 16h01
    [SS9] Lorenzo Bertelli (Ford) “I think now is more tricky than this morning, as the snow is covering the edge of the corner and sometimes is a gamble.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 16h00
    [SS9] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) - Reported to have broken suspension
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 15h58
    [SS9] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) “The biggest problem for me in the last two stages is we lost a lot of traction, backed off a lot of places. Changed a lot of clicks with the dampers.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 15h57
    [SS9] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) “Road conditions have played a big part today. As far as the grip, it has been very consistent. I am not 100% confident with the car, the front is not reacting as I want it to.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 15h52
    [SS9] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) - Reported stopped in the stage
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 15h49
    [SS9] Ott Tanak (Ford) “I have been pushing quite hard, all thanks to the snow otherwise we would have been struggling a lot. I think can be very happy with the first day.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 15h47
    [SS9] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) - Looks like he has hit a hay bale - “It was good, but I lost a little bit time in the first passes. This stage is nice. I try to keep the gap with the others, a really nice fight.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 15h45
    [SS9] Mads Ostberg (Ford) 9:03.3 “It is very encouraging, we a little bit difficult this morning but then the snow arrived and I was happy. I wanted to be there from the beginning and I was a little bit disappointed with myself. We made some changes to the car and to the driving.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 15h44
    [SS9] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 10:07.5 “That’s the game, sometimes life is hard. We are continuing driving. I feel like I am doing two wheel drive championship, I am getting use to it.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 15h41
    [SS9] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 9:03.3 “We have done a couple of mistakes today, I can only thank myself… Okay we are here, I took it a little bit too cautious in here as I expected it would be worse.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 15h39
    [SS9] Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) 9:00.6 “Already this afternoon I struggle a lot, but I push hard as I know I will lose a lot. I do my best and expect to lose a lot. It was a great first day of the race. I got a bit lucky when we went off on this one tricky corner.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 15h36
    Kris Meeke (Citroën) has retired for the day after hitting a stone buried in the snow.
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 15h35
    Final stage of the day SS12, a re-run of the Torsby test is now live with Ogier into the stage
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 14h58
    Only one more stage left today, a second running of the Torsby stage (16.48 kilometres). SS9 goes live at 15:28 local time (CET)
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 14h52
    [SS8] Yazeed Al Rajhi (Ford) 10:24.3 “It’s good, we try in the fast corner to push a little bit. Tomorrow I try to push a little bit the second loop. We do I think well first rally here.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 14h50
    [SS8] Craig Breen (Ford) 10:10.1 - Slight damage to the front left - “I was struggling a bit all morning with my braking. It’s been much more than I expected, I think you can only be happy with the experience so far.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 14h48
    [SS8] Eric Camilli (Ford) 10:01.5 “Very good. I am happy, I have no off. I think it is possible to push in the fast corner but I need time. Nice road but I was frightened to make a mistake.
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 14h46
    [SS8] Lorenzo Bertelli (Ford) 10:12.9 “Much better, maybe we could go a bit softer. This was fun.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 14h44
    [SS8] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) 10:41.2 “Very difficult conditions now with having more snow. The car is moving a lot.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 14h42
    [SS8] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 9:52.8 “We obviously have an advantage. A lot of places where we go way too wide, untidy but it is the same fro everybody. You have to sit and be patience some times. He (Meeke) is parked up at a junction.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 14h38
    [SS8] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 10:56.8 “It is going better than in the morning for sure. I am starting to get use to the car so we are not losing so much now. “
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 14h36
    [SS8] Ott Tanak (Ford) 9;54.1 - fastest so far - “Very snowy and slippy and exactly what we were hoping. Now is okay. I have been trying quite hard all day so we just keep going.” - Problem with the windscreen misting up through the stage.
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 14h34
    [SS8] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 10:00.0 “Difficult, I try to catch the car moving a lot in the rear. One more stage for today, we enjoy a lot.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 14h32
    [SS8] Mads Ostberg (Ford) 9:54.3 “It was quit a good run, but so much snow in there. We wanted snow all week and now we have it! I had a good run but it is cleaning a lot. For the first 6, 7, 8 cars there will be a big difference in time.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 14h29
    [SS8] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 11:18.1 “With all the snow I can’t use the lines of the car in front. With 2 wheel drive it is really difficult. I can’t brake very late as it locks the wheels on the rear, so I have to be very careful.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 14h27
    [SS8] Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) 10:04.9 - Thinks he lost a lot of time due to the fresh snow.
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 14h27
    [SS8] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 10:00.1 “It is a good amount of snow on the road now.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 14h26
    [SS8] Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) is through 10:04.9
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 14h01
    [SS7] Craig Breen (Ford) 12:50.6 - 3rd fastest on the stage - “How do you explain that?? (faster than Ogier) I worked so hard… I have been given this Willie Wonka ticket and I don’t want to throw it away!“
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 13h55
    [SS7] Eric Camilli (Ford) “I am disappointed. A little mistake on the hairpin. I am quite happy for the feeling but the time is not very good.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 13h52
    [SS7] Lorenzo Bertelli (Ford) 13:18.2 “Just a mistake, I lost maybe 9 or 10 seconds. I get stuck in a hairpin.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 13h50
    [SS7] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 12:49.2 “Not bad, the road conditions suit us better on the second run. I am trying to get more confidence in the car.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 13h48
    [SS7] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 12:44.2 “It just felt good, the rhythm felt good. The balance of the car can change so much and we just done a few adjustments. It is quite icy and we always new that on the second pass the first car on the road is at a disadvantage.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 13h44
    [SS7] Ott Tanak (Ford) 12:57.2 “Luckily there was a bit more loose on the top at the beginning of the stage. I am actually quite surprised, the second loop has been quite good.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 13h41
    [SS7] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 13:02.1 “More lines in the road so the car moving a lot.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 13h38
    [SS7] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 15:10.0 “The rear differential is broken, nothing to do, we try to continue. On a junction we have a spin, it feels like we have only one wheel drive. But okay, we continue.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 13h28
    [SS7] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) - Reported to have been off the road, but continues through the stage
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 13h24
    SS7 is now live with Sebastien Ogier into the test
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 11h48
    The drivers now head to regroup and tyre fitting in Kirkenær, missing two runs of the stage, before the second run through the Svullrya stage (24.23 kilometres). SS7 goes live at 13:18 local time (CET).
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 11h42
    [SS4] Yazeed Al Rajhi (Ford) 14:04.3 “Is good, this stage have good feeling. One time the car switch off at one junction.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 11h40
    [SS4] Henning Solberg (Ford) 13:11.4 “Everything is nice today. I can go faster, but I go as fast as I can. I use the manual (gearshift) sometimes when I can’t get it.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 11h37
    [SS4] Craig Breen (Ford) 13:10.4 “It was terrible in some places, the slush. I was happy enough with my drive, every kilometre with the car it just gets better and better.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 11h35
    [SS4] Eric Camilli (Ford) 13:18.1 “Here the time is better again. It is difficult to slide all the time and be secure.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 11h32
    [SS4] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) 14:06.5 “I could not get any proper rhythm in this stage. There was a lot of water and I was worried about.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 11h29
    [SS4] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 12:58.3 “Unfortunately we are a sitting duck with the road positions. There is nothing we can do about it, we saw last year it was better on the second run.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 11h27
    [SS4] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 12:54.4 “Not too bad. Every time you come out of a corner you see these marks and there is no grip on it so you have to move out.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 11h22
    [SS4] Ott Tanak (Ford) 12:58.2 “It was quite big water splash. The beginning of the stage quite good but we lost a lot of grip after that.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 11h20
    [SS4] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 12:56.0 “Just arrive in the water and aqua planing. Really dangerous, you could not see.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 11h19
    [SS4] Mads Ostberg (Ford) 12:54.8 “It is impossible to go through this stage without something happening. It is very unexpected and I could see the lines of the cars in front of me going every where. I Could see the lines of the cars and see that something was about to happen.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 11h17
    [SS4] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 14:11.8 - Comes in with hazard warning lights on - “We have a transmission problem. Front wheel drive.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 11h14
    [SS4] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 13:05.2 - Similar damage to Ogier - “We went off, came round a corner and suddenly deep water, lose control of the car and off the road. Not easy for sure.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 11h11
    [SS4] Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) 12:47.9 - Some cosmetic damage to the left wing - “There was a big water splash in the stage and I did not have this in the notes… I could not turn, I need to work on the car now.” - Lost control in the water splash, front wheels are not straight, something has been bent.
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 10h48
    Next up is SS4 Svullrya (24.23 kilometres) which is a new stage and has never been used before. SS4 goes live at 10:53 local time (CET)
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 10h36
    [SS3] Henning Solberg (Ford) 10:00.5 “It was okay, the stage was very good, very good. There is a lot of people in there. I try to go as fast as I can. I am not happy I have problem with the gear.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 10h35
    [SS3] Craig Breen (Ford) “Really nice. Really enjoyable stage, fantastic. I am just trying to improve stage by stage.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 10h32
    [SS3] Eric Camilli (Ford) 10:21.8 “Not good, but the feeling was better. Not easy. We wait second pass.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 10h30
    [SS3] Lorenzo Bertelli (Ford) “Was okay, at least a bit of proper Rally Sweden.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 10h28
    [SS3] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) 10:43.3 “More winter stage.” - His notes not quite correct.
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 10h25
    [SS3] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 9:55.7 “Felt better from a driving point of view. The first half quite slippy where is was snowing. Had a slight distraction with an alarm going off, just for water temperature.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 10h22
    [SS3] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 11:25.1 - Driving with broken driveshaft in 2 wheel drive - “Not easy. Even in the fast stuff I feel we are slipping all the time. I drive what I can. We come to the jump and into the right hand corner and it broke… (on previous stage).” - Nothing he can do until he gets to service.
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 10h20
    Snowing on SS3, good base of compacted ice on the stage
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 10h18
    [SS3] Ott Tanak (Ford) 9:47.5 “Very nice conditions. Some places even managed to touch the bank. Grip better than on the previous one but not perfect driving.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 10h17
    [SS3] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 9:49.8 “We did not do very well. The conditions are great now. I enjoy a lot. I am disappointed not to drive a little bit more fast.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 10h12
    [SS3] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) “I wasn’t happy with the run. I try to drive well but it is moving quite a lot around. Not happy with that.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 10h11
    [SS3] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 9:38.9 “Nothing to worry about. It was alright, not perfect but I am happy enough with it. A beautiful stage. A lot of Norwegian people, I see a lot of flags so that is nice.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 10h09
    [SS3] Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) 9:32.3 “Really perfect condition, really prefect to drive this stage. It is snowing a little bit but it is really good to drive this stage.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 09h33
    Next up is SS3 Röjden (18.47 kilometres), same route as in 2015 just 0.26 kilometres shorter at the start. SS3 goes live at 9:53 local time (CET)
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 09h30
    [SS2] Yazeed Al Rajhi (Ford) “I need to get more experience as the car has really high speed. I think I have good feeling.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 09h28
    [SS2] Henning Solberg (Ford) “I had a little problem with the downshift (gear change). Not a good stage but I do my best.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 09h26
    [SS2] Craig Breen (Ford) - Slight damage to the front left - “I did not touch anything, I don’t know. It is so difficult to get in the rhythm. It’s actually a nice condition.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 09h23
    [SS2] Eric Camilli (Ford) “Not really confident. First time here is not easy. “
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 09h21
    [SS2] Lorenzo Bertelli (Ford) “It’s okay like this. A bit better than expected.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 09h19
    [SS2] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) 9:42.8 “We try to find the grip. A lot of ice with loads of gravel also.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 09h18
    [SS2] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 9:04.8 “Not so bad, the grip was a lot better than anticipated.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 09h16
    [SS2] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 8:57.3 “Quite surprised, difficult to judge the grip as we recce’d it in the gravel. It is about picking your braking points.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 09h14
    [SS2] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 9:16.1 “We have a problem, driver shaft problem, 2-kilometres before the end.”
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 09h09
    [SS2] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 8:57.7 “Not so bad, difficult to know where you can push.” - Has a warning light on the dash.
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 09h06
    It appears that the drivers are running through the stage competitively!!
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 09h05
    [SS2] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 8:57.7 “It was okay, I had the feeling that the car was not working properly in the left corners.” - Said that car was not turning into left corners properly.
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 09h04
    [SS2] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 8:53.3 - “I think the base is more hard. I am happy with my stage.” - Commented that his studs were going off towards the end of the stage.
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 09h00
    [SS2] Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) 8:53.0 - slight damage to the front left bumper - “The road is pretty hard. It is not so easy, we could go a little faster but I try.
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 08h59
    Reports coming in that SS2 has been neutralised and not being run competitively...
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 08h57
    The surface of SS2 is frozen.
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 08h55
    There is some fine snow falling on SS2 and the temperature is approximately -2º
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 08h51
    Rally Sweden is live with Sebastien Ogier into the test...
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 08h48
    SS2 Torsby (16.48 kilometres) has a new start with a new section that continues for 1.63 kilometres. The following 14.69 kilometres is the same as in 2015, however the finish is new together with the final 160 metres.
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 08h47
    Sebastién Ogier (Volkswagen) has moved upto the start of SS2
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 08h36
    The opening stage of the rally is SS2 SS2 Torsby (16.48 kilometres) which is due to go live at 8:51 local time (CET).
  • ven. 12.02.2016 / 08h35
    Good morning and welcome to Rally Sweden, the second round of the 2016 FIA World Rally Championship.
  • jeu. 11.02.2016 / 19h13
    The first competitive stage of the rally isa SS2 Torsby (16.48 kilometres) which gets underway tomorrow morning at 08:51 local time. Join us for all the comments live from the stages ends.
  • jeu. 11.02.2016 / 18h33
    Originally the total competitive mileage was 331.21 kilometres, however after the cuts is no down to 241.48 kilometres.
  • jeu. 11.02.2016 / 18h30
    For Sunday, originally scheduled to be a loop of two stages done twice, the first loop of two stages has gone leaving just SS20 Lesjöfors (15.00 kilometres) and SS21 Värmullsåsen (Power Stage - 15.87 kilometres).
  • jeu. 11.02.2016 / 18h24
    On Saturday we SS11 Rämmen 1 (22.76 kilometres), although SS14 Rämmen 2 still runs. SS13 Fredriksberg 2 (18.19 kilometres) is out however SS10 Fredriksberg 1 still runs. The only other stage to go on the Saturday is the traditional Hagfors Sprint (1.87 kilometres) which should have run as this year as SS15. Currently SS12/16 Vargåsen (24.70 kilometres) is still scheduled to run twice.
  • jeu. 11.02.2016 / 18h20
    On Friday we lose SS5/6 Kirkenær (7.07 kilometres) due to run across the border in Norway.
  • jeu. 11.02.2016 / 18h18
    The first stage to go was SS1 Super Special Stage Karlstad which was scheduled to run this evening as the rally opener, a short blast around a horse racing track just outside Karlstad.
  • jeu. 11.02.2016 / 18h16
    To ensure that the rally runs, the organisers have shortened the competitive route by mainly dropping re-runs of certain stages.
  • jeu. 11.02.2016 / 18h03
    Running the stages without the ice and snow creates a problem for the organisers, under normal winter conditions the layer of ice and snow covering the surface of the stage protects the the gravel. Without the ice and snow, the roads will need considerable repairs after the rally and may present a safety issue.
  • jeu. 11.02.2016 / 18h01
    Normally Rally Sweden is considered the snow round of the Championship, however, this year due to un-seasonably warm temperatures the majority of the snow has disappeared leaving the stages as gravel.
  • jeu. 11.02.2016 / 18h00
    Good evening and welcome to the second round of the FIA World Rally Championship, Rally Sweden
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