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ES7 : Et ça continue en Sardaigne !

ES7 : Et ça continue en Sardaigne !

Après Loeb, Neuville, Latvala, c’est Petter Solberg (Ford/Michelin) qui a dû se retirer au cours de cette deuxième journée du Rallye d’Italie-Sardaigne. Hirvonen est désormais leader devant Novikov, alors que Mads Ostberg est passé quatrième derrière Tanak. ...
Citroën/Michelin aux avant-postes en Italie

Citroën/Michelin aux avant-postes en Italie

Citroën a remporté la deuxième spéciale grâce à Mikko Hirvonen. De son côté, Loeb a porté son avance au général à 13 secondes sur le troisième Petter Solberg. Premier sur la route, Jari-Matti Latvala est cinquième à plus de 40 ...
Vidéo: la première journée du Rallye d'Italie

Vidéo: la première journée du Rallye d'Italie

La première journée du Rallye d'Italie vu par Best-of-RallyLive. ...
ES1 : Loeb déjà aux commandes en Sardaigne

ES1 : Loeb déjà aux commandes en Sardaigne

La première spéciale du Rallye d’Italie-Sardaigne 2012 a été remportée par Sébastien Loeb sur sa Citroën DS3 WRC/Michelin, devant son équipier Mikko Hirvonen. Solberg, Ostberg et Latvala complètent le top-five. ...
Bilan des « qualifs »

Bilan des « qualifs »

Pour solutionner le problème des ordres de départ, la FIA a instauré cette saison un système de Qualifying Stage sur les rallyes terre/neige. Nous profitons de la dernière épreuve 100% terre 2012 pour faire le point sur ces « qualifs ...
Et courent les rumeurs…

Et courent les rumeurs…

Qui sera deuxième pilote chez Citroën Racing ? Qui rejoindra Ogier chez Volkswagen ? Quid des pilotes Ford 2013 ? Et le cas Mini ? Et celui de Hyundai ? Les rumeurs vont bon train en ce moment dans les ...
Vidéo : la sortie de route de Solberg

Vidéo : la sortie de route de Solberg

Découvrez la spectaculaire sortie de route de Petter Solberg lors de l'ES9 du Rallye de France en caméra embarquée. ...
Ford repousse l’échéance

Ford repousse l’échéance

Grâce à la 1ère place de Jari-Matti Latvala et la 3e de Petter Solberg au Wales Rally GB 2012, Ford a empêché Citroën de décrocher son 8e titre Constructeurs au Pays de Galles. En revanche, les pilotes Citroën ne peuvent ...
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 16h48
    [SS12] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 17:18.2 “We lost a little bit time all the time. It was rough, it is not rough like yesterday but it is rough and hard on the tyres.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 16h46
    [SS12] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 17:02.4 “It was a good stage. I am just doing what I can do now and where ever we end up at the finish, that will do.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 16h45
    [SS12] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 17:02.9 “It is really big rocks, I have to try to avoid them which means leaving the line and going onto the loose.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 16h42
    [SS12] Mads Ostberg (Citroën) 17:19.9 - Had an engine boost issue on the previous stage, from his time looks like he has not managed to fix it - “We have an engine problem, a broken sensor and we cannot fix it. We have to do the afternoon with that now. It is a shame as the car is so nice to drive now.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 16h41
    [SS12] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 16:58.7 “It was okay. There was a rock in the middle, I could not avoid it, but lucky this time I did not get a puncture.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 16h39
    [SS12] Khalid Al Qassimi (Ford) completes with a time of 18:20.5 - Commented that the rear of the car was a little loose in places.
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 16h20
    SS12 is now live
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 16h17
    Next up is SS12 a re-run of the Marao stage (26.3 kilometres) going live in 2-minutes
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 16h16
    Ogier takes the stage win, followed by team-mates Latvala and Mikkelsen. Overall Ogier is pushing hard, moving onto the third step of the podium. 1-Latvala 2:13:56.5, 2-Meeke +8.9, 3-Ogier +16.3, 4-Mikkelsen +16.6, 5-Tanak +53.3
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 16h12
    [SS11] Robert Kubica (Ford) 12:02.9 “Very difficult, a lot of ruts and big holes. Not easy in the narrow parts, you have to be really precise.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 16h10
    [SS11] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 11:54.6 “No where near as bad as yesterday. We keep sliding too much on the exits, but not too bad.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 16h08
    [SS11] Ott Tanak (Ford) 11:50.2 “Very happy, I still improve. In a good mood at the moment.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 16h06
    [SS11] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 11:45.8 “Ogier has been doing impressive time. Still happy with 3 hard and 1 soft (tyres), it was a good run.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 16h04
    [SS11] Martin Prokop (Ford) 12:09.5 “It was quite okay but I miss one junction. I do a half spin and stall the engine. This one was quite okay.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 16h03
    [SS11] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 11:57.2 “I try to push hard, I feel the car was really good. I make the car a little bit softer. Many corners I try to drive well, but still happy, I do my best. Moving a little bit from the rear.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 16h00
    [SS11] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 11:48.6 “Seb (Ogier) took an incredible time there. I had a better run, we move onto the next…”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 15h58
    [SS11] Mads Ostberg (Citroën) 11:58.6 - Running this afternoon with 3 hard and 3 soft compound tyres - “We found the problem with the rear diff in service and the car is fantastic now. But now we have an engine problem, we have no boost.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 15h58
    [SS11] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 11:47.1 “It was a nice stage, a little bit more rough now. We had 3 hards and 1 soft (tyres) on the car. I think I am happy with my tyre choice and we see if it pays off.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 15h56
    [SS11] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 11:43.0 - Front left seemed to be a little wobbly - “I try and we are going to see what is going to happen. On the second loop I know the line is not so good from the previous car, we still have a lot of cleaning to do.” - Used 2 soft tyres
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 15h53
    [SS11] Khalid Al Qassimi (Ford) 12:33.7 “Better than the first time. The second half of the stage, the rocks start appearing with the ruts. With higher rider height and stiffer springs, much better than this morning.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 15h39
    SS11 is now live
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 12h59
    The drivers now head back for regroup and service before a re-run of this morning’s loop. SS11 Baiao (18.57 kilometres) goes live at 14:39 local time (CET -1)
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 12h58
    Meeke goes fastest closing the gap to leader Latvala. In the overall, Latvala is being pushed by Citroen driver Meeke but continues to lead. 1-Latvala 2:02:10.7, 2-Meeke +6.1, 3-Mikkelsen +15.3, 4-Ogier +19.1, 5-Tanak +48.9
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 12h56
    [SS10] Robert Kubica (Ford) 26:07.2 “A lot of changes of grip but it has been a good stage for us, quite smooth driving. The road is very wide in some places but you have to stay in the line.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 12h54
    [SS10] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 26:06.9 “Difficult, we went with the tyres crossed, we have not driven on this combination before and it was a bit hard to adjust.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 12h51
    [SS10] Ott Tanak (Ford) 25:51.3 “Was really tricky to drive with the hard before (previous stage), but it was better to drive with the hard in this one.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 12h49
    [SS10] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 25:45.6 “The fight is good. I am happy with that. 4 kilometres from the end I hit a really big rock and I had the feeling that the tyre was going flat.” - After hitting the rock, commented that he was maybe too careful.
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 12h47
    [SS10] Martin Prokop (Ford) 26:18.7 “It was okay at the end. The car was understeering so the feeling was not good. Otherwise it is going well today.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 12h45
    [SS10] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 26:00.9 - Cracked windscreen - “It was last stage (cracked windscreen), a compression. Very slippery, difficult to drive, completely different to yesterday. Yesterday was more gravel.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 12h41
    [SS10] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 25:40.5 “The road is cleaning quite a bit in here, I have to say that I am impressed with Ogier’s time in there. I am happy with our pace on the loop.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 12h39
    [SS10] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 25:49.5 “It was moving quite a lot, especially towards the end there. A long afternoon loop, just keep on going. No risk, a good rhythm. A lot of surface changes on this rally.
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 12h37
    [SS10] Mads Ostberg (Citroën) 25:58.8 “Difficult stage, I try to do a good stage. The time is not so good, I understand why but i do not like it. I struggle a bit just to find a good feeling with the car, I do not understand why as the feeling was amazing yesterday. We go to service and we change a little bit the car and maybe myself a well.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 12h35
    [SS10] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 25:42.9 “Not enough grip to use the tyres… The tyre okay, was not the perfect strategy but none had it. Now it is a shame that there is only one car in front of us. I am very happy with my pace.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 12h32
    [SS10] Khalid Al Qassimi (Ford) 27:44.1 “Very difficult, first corner after one or two kilometres, we went off with a half spin. The moment you try to push to go off, we just took it easy.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 12h30
    SS10 is live and reports that Lorenzo Bertelli (Ford) is stopped on the stage
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 11h24
    Next stage is the final of the loop and the longest of the rally, SS10 Fridao (37.67 kilometres) which goes live at 11:02 local time (CET - 1)
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 11h23
    Meeke takes the stage win and moves up to second overall. In the overall classification Latvala continues to lead. 1-Latvala 1:36:25.1, 2-Meeke +11.2, 3-Mikkelsen +11.4, 4-Ogier +21.8, 5-Tanak +43.2
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 11h20
    [SS9] Robert Kubica (Ford) 17:22.5 “All okay, it was a very slippery stage, quite nice.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 11h18
    [SS9] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 17:19.8 “Took it really easy on the hard stuff.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 11h16
    [SS9] Ott Tanak (Ford) 17:32.5 “This stage was a disaster, I was expecting so different conditions. It was a proper challenge.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 11h15
    [SS9] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 17:11.3 “That was really good, but it was very very slippery around 15 kilometres. There was some rocks, but in some strange places that I did no expect to have rocks.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 11h13
    [SS9] Martin Prokop (Ford) 17:51.7 “It was strange, there was a line of stones, impossible to avoid. I hit it with the right and I made a puncture and had to slow down.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 11h10
    [SS9] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 17:25.0 “Very different to yesterday, very slippery. Today is like a completely different rally.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 11h07
    [SS9] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 17:11.1 “We had a big moment in there, had a wrong pace note. A corner I expected to be 5th gear and it was 4th. That is what happens on a new rally, it just takes one moment.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 11h04
    [SS9] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 17:12.8 “That was really slippery, really tricky. But anyway a clean stage for us. I am happy with my tyre choice.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 11h02
    [SS9] Mads Ostberg (Citroën) 17:19.5 “Slippery. It was slightly better in here (than the previous stage), it is difficult to know whether it is just slippery or you are going too slow.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h59
    [SS9] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 17:12.7 “We see at the end of the loop, but At the moment I am quite happy with it.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h58
    [SS9] Lorenzo Bertelli (Ford) 18:27.2 “It is so slippery, we spun, this stage is very very slippery.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h56
    [SS9] Khalid Al Qassimi (Ford) completes with a time of 18:30.3 - no problems.
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h38
    Next up is SS9 Marao (26.30 kilometres) which has just gone live.
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h37
    Volkswagen 1-2-3 for SS8 with Mikkelsen taking the stage win, followed by Ogier (+0.6-secs) and Latvala (+6.1). Overall, Latvala continues to maintain the lead of the rally. 1-Latvala 1:19:13.8, 2-Mikkelsen +9.9, 3-Meeke +11.4, 4-Ogier +20.4, 5-Tanak +22.0
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h34
    [SS8] Robert Kubica (Ford) 12:06.5 “Nothing wrong, all okay, no problems. Quite difficult stage, narrow in places.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h31
    [SS8] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 11:56.1 “Couldn’t get a rhythm, we overshot a junction in the middle. Struggling with the road surface trying to get the car to turn in.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h29
    [SS8] Ott Tanak (Ford) 11:58.6 “The car has been great, but I have some hard tyres on the car which was challenging in places. Definitely not pushing but we were still in a reasonably good rhythm, so okay.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h28
    [SS8] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 11:54.4 “We overshoot a junction, I came too fast on one of the left hand junctions. I had to use the handbrake and turn round and come back.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h25
    [SS8] Martin Prokop (Ford) 12:11.8 “You can pass (Neuville’s car), but you have to go very slow, it is very narrow. It was good, the feeling with the car is much better.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h24
    [SS7] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 12:06.2 “ We stopped, he was in the middle of the road. We lost a little bit time there.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h20
    [SS7] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 11:54.7 “That was a good stage, very slippery in places. Starting to appear a line. I think that stage is slippery for everybody, it keeps breaking up.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h19
    [SS7] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) - Reported to have rolled.
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h18
    [SS7] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) - Reported to have rolled.
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h18
    [SS7] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 11:48.3 “Clean stage for us, very careful in the beginning. We just try to continue like this.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h15
    [SS7] Mads Ostberg (Citroën) 12:04.8 “Very tricky, I did not get a good feeling in there, I did a bad stage. I could not find any rhythm.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h13
    [SS7] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) - Reported stopped in the stage.
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h13
    [SS7] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 11:48.9 “It is a shame that Elfyn has stopped.” - Still not finding it easy running so close to the front of the field.
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h12
    [SS7] Lorenzo Bertelli (Ford) 12:40.5 “We had a spin and we lost a bit. It was very slippery, nothing bad.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h09
    [SS7] Khalid Al Qassimi (Ford) 13:02.2 “Very difficult for me, his co-driver was in the middle of the road.”
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h08
    [SS7] Khalid Al Qassimi (Ford) - Stopped briefly to make sure that Evans was okay as the stricken rally car was briefly on fire, before being extinguished by the young Welshman and his co-driver.
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h04
    The weather today is expected to be similar to yesterday with temperatures reaching 22℃, however it is a lot more windy than yesterday, which will help with the dust.
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h02
    The first stage of the day is already underway and the action has started already with Elfyn Evans stopped in the stage. Reports suggest that he had a spin on a right-hand corner damaging the front right of his Fiesta.
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 10h01
    Today we have a total of six stages, a loop of three done twice with a regroup and service between the loops.Total stage mileage today comes to 165.40 kilometres.
  • sam. 23.05.2015 / 09h57
    Good morning and welcome to Vodafone Rally de Portugal, round 5 of the FIA World Rally Championship
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 18h59
    The first stage of the day SS8 Baiao (18.57 kilometres) gets underway at 08:54 local time (CET -1), join us again for all the action as it happens.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 18h57
    Tomorrow we have another full day of action with six stages, a loop of three done twice, split with a midday regroup and service. Total stage mileage is 165.40 kilometres, with the longest stage being the last in the loop at 37.67 kilometres.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 18h54
    After the first full day of Vodafone Rally de Portugal Jari-Matti Latvala goes into the overnight parc fermé leading the rally ahead of Kris Meeke and team-mate Andreas Mikkelsen. 1-Latvala 1:07:19.4, 2-Meeke +11.1, 3-Mikkelsen +16.0, 4-Tanak +17.8, 5-Sordo +21.8, 6-Ogier +25.9, 7-Ostberg +31.3, 8-Paddon +40.0, 9-Neuville +1:08.0, 10-Kubica +1:29.1
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 18h51
    [SS7] Lorenzo Bertelli (Ford) 13:13.0 “It went off the rim (tyre). I don’t know how this happened. With this and the other punctured tyre I do not know if I can make it back to service.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 18h50
    [SS7] Robert Kubica (Ford) 11:43.2 “I can be happy. It has been a good day from a driving point of view. All okay apart from the puncture.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 18h49
    [SS7] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 11:37.0 “We are mixing it with our team-mates. It is encouraging.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 18h48
    [SS7] Ott Tanak (Ford) 11:33.5 “From the beginning I have been really happy with the handling and balance of the car. I am enjoying it. Not pushing too hard, but I am happy.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 18h47
    [SS7] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 11:30.1 “Overall a good day. Step by step I have been increasing my speed. I have to be satisfied with what we have done here.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 18h46
    [SS7] Martin Prokop (Ford) 11:51.7 “I took it very carefully, avoiding all the rocks.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 18h45
    [SS7] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 11:37.8 - Not happy with his choice of soft compound tyres.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 18h44
    [SS7] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 11:41.5 “I got a noise after a few kilometres. It turned out to be the sump guard coming loose. We lost it later and had to be very careful over the rocks. We are very lucky to get here.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 17h44
    [SS7] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 11:33.8 “I think we made a mistake this afternoon with the tyres. It turns out that these roads are softer than we expected.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 17h42
    [SS7] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 11:35.2 “The car is way too low (in the first stage) we change for this stage and it was better. It was a clean stage for us. We are not pushing, keeping within our limit.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 17h40
    [SS7] Mads Ostberg (Citroën) 11:35.7 “Just enjoyed it. I thought I had a good tyre choice in there. I thought I did quite a good stage.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 17h38
    [SS7] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 11:32.9 - Jumps out of the car, has a quick look around the car - “This stage was much better condition than the first one. Still very slippy for me, gravel on the wrong line. It is going to be tough. We will see what we can do.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 17h25
    SS7 has just gone live
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 17h22
    On SS6 Ogier goes fastest, followed by team-mate Latvala (+2.6-sec) and Tanak (+2.7-sec). Latvala continues to lead the rally, 1-Latvala 55:49.3, 2-Meeke +7.4, 3-Mikkelsen +10.9, 4-Sordo +14.1, 5-Tanak +14.4
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 17h16
    [SS6] Lorenzo Bertelli (Ford) 16:37.2 - “I got a puncture, no idea where it happen.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 17h10
    [SS6] Lorenzo Bertelli (Ford) - Moving again
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 17h09
    [SS6] Robert Kubica (Ford) 11:06.7 “Now has been very difficult stage. A lot of ruts. We went up a bit (ride height).”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 17h07
    [SS6] Lorenzo Bertelli (Ford) - Stopped in the stage
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 17h06
    [SS6] Lorenzo Bertelli (Ford) - Stopped in the stage
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 17h05
    [SS6] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 10:59.3 “Really rough, bottoming out everywhere, we are hitting the sump guard.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 17h02
    [SS6] Ott Tanak (Ford) 10:52.3 “It is really rough, like Greece in places. Really big job for a driver, but we are here. We have to keep nursing (the tyres).”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 17h00
    [SS6] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 10:52.2 “It was surprise how rough it was. Have to think about the car in some places, but generally good.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 16h59
    [SS6] Martin Prokop (Ford) 11:25.2 “It is really rough, particularly on the rear. We had to slow down.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 16h56
    [SS6] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 10:54.0 - Jumped out and checked the tyres at the finish.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 16h55
    [SS6] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 10:58.5 “The stage is very rough. It wasn’t too bad. I think I did a good run, I am quite pleased.” - Has stiffened up the springs.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 16h54
    [SS6] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 10:53.5 “Incredibly rough!”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 16h53
    [SS6] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 10:53.9 “It was really rough, I was really surprised. The car was too low in there. I think a lot of things can happen on this one and the next one. Very rutted and broken up. Very hard for the cars.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 16h52
    [SS6] Mads Ostberg (Citroën) 10:54.6 “It was okay, I have my own tyre choice and I knew we would suffer on this one.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 16h46
    [SS6] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 10:49.6 - Commenting that it was very rough on this second pass.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 16h36
    SS6 is live
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 15h21
    The next stage due to run is SS6, a re-run of this mornings Caminha test (18.05 kilometres) and the competitors will head directly to SS6 from service. The stage is due to get underway at 15:35 local time (CET-1)
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 15h19
    SS5 the re-run of the Ponte de Lima stage has been cancelled by the rally organisers due to the nearby forest fires.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 13h05
    The drivers now head back to the Exponor in Matsinhos for the midday regroup and service. The re-run of this mornings loop gets underway with SS5 Ponte de Lima (27.53 kilometres) at 14:50 local time (CET -1)
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 13h03
    On SS4 Latvala puts in an amazing time taking the lead of the rally, followed by New Zealander Paddon (+5.6-sec) and Meeke (+6.3-sec). The overall classification is now headed by Latvala 1-Latvala 44:57.1, 2-Meeke +6.1, 3-Mikkelsen +9.2, 4-Sordo +12.3, 5-Tanak +14.3
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 12h58
    [SS4] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) - Hand brake is locked on at the start.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 12h57
    [SS4] Robert Kubica (Ford) 12:16.1 - Front right is punctured, looks like he has hit something hard - “The wheel has damaged as we have puncture. After 8-kilometres something like this. When we had a puncture we had a small off. I have no idea what happened.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 12h47
    [SS4] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 11:43.9 “We have been managing tyres. We had a lot of wear on the first one. This one did not feel so bad so I was able to get a bit more confidence and push on.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 12h46
    [SS4] Ott Tanak (Ford) 11:47.4 “They feel quite bad (tyres well worn), we have been really nursing them through. We managed and made it through. I am feeling quite good.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 12h45
    [SS4] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) - Having problems at the start and Kubica has started ahead of him.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 12h44
    [SS4] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 11:38.3 - Comes through fastest taking the rally lead “A big push on this stage, I like this stage. For sure there was a lot of lose gravel. I have not had those times for a long time so it is good to have them now.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 12h42
    [SS4] Martin Prokop (Ford) 12:12.9 “All fixed, it is working so no problem with the brakes. I am not confident with the driving. I have to think about it through the service and try to improve. I do not know how to drive this new car.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 12h41
    [SS3] Elfyn Evans (Ford) - Has made it through SS2 and now SS3
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 12h39
    [SS4] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 11:48.8 “The grip was nothing. I drive a little bit carefully in the second stage, I want to keep some tyres for this stage at the end. Now we push hard. I am happy with the car, we need a little bit more traction.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 12h37
    [SS4] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 11:54.4 “I am the only one with hard tyres on the car, I try to save the tyres (soft) for tomorrow. I probably lose too much today. This afternoon will be the same choice. We try to fight back tomorrow.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 12h35
    [SS4] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 11:44.6 - Fastest so far - “I think these Michelins work well even when they are well worn. Interesting what everybody is going to do on the next loop. I think this rally is going to be won and lost on tyre choice.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 12h32
    [SS4] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 11:49.7 “On this one a lot of lose, we will lose a lot of time to the guys behind. This stage has everything, fast, a lot of twisty sections. I am happy with my morning, we are taking it nice and steady. We are very much on the pace.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 12h29
    [SS4] Mads Ostberg (Citroën) 11:54.0 - A lot of tyre wear on the front wheels - “It was a difficult stage, I feel I lack a little bit of experience on opening the road. I need to try and find a better rhythm on a stage like that. It was very difficult, I struggle a lot. I see the lines of Seb (Ogier) and try to take advantage of them.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 12h27
    [SS4] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 11:51.3 “It is one of the worse stages I ever drive for the sweeping, no grip at all.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 12h17
    SS4 Viana do Castelo (18.76 kilometres) is now live
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 12h08
    One more stage before service, SS4 Viana do Castelo (18.76 kilometres) goes live at 11:15 local time (CET -1)
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 12h07
    On SS3 Ostberg goes fastest followed by Latvala (+0.3-sec) and team-mate Meeke (+1.4-sec). In the overall, Mikkelsen has taken the lead from Sordo who has dropped to 4th. 1-Mikkelsen 33:16.6, 2-Meeke +2.0, 3-Latvala +2.2, 4-Sordo +4.0, 5-Tanak +7.4
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 12h06
    [SS3] Lorenzo Bertelli (Ford) 12:21.6 - Rear left puncture - “I think quite a long time (driving on the puncture).”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 12h01
    [SS3] Robert Kubica (Ford) 10:59.6 - Started the stage a minute late - “We got one minute additional as I got some dust in the previous stage (from Al Qassimi running ahead). All okay.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h59
    [SS3] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) 11:25.2 “Quite massive ones (rocks), quite big ones.” - Commenting that there are a lot of rocks being pulled out.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h56
    [SS3] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 11:00.1 “Really tough tyre choice this morning. We do not have much tyre left, especially in the rear. The roads have come out a harder base than we expected.” - Running on soft tyres.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h54
    [SS3] Ott Tanak (Ford) 10:56.7 - Not wanting to stop as the brakes were very hot.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h53
    [SS3] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 10:49.2 - second quickest so far - “Its alright, but still too hesitate in places.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h51
    [SS3] Martin Prokop (Ford) 11:18.0 - Lost more time on this stage, had brake problems on the previous test - “We had a problem with a bolt on the rear calliper, now it is okay. Trying to get some rhythm, but not very good.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h48
    [SS3] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 10:55.3 “I am a little bit more slow here, because of the tyres after the first stage. It is quite good now (engine issue on the previous stage), but before there was something wrong, but now okay. We lost a little bit time here.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h46
    [SS3] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 10:56.6 “It was okay. I have a tyre strategy that I want to follow for the whole race so I have to lose some time today. Okay that is the race, I have to do better now and manage with the hard tyre.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h44
    [SS3] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 10:50.3 - Concerned about his brakes so could not stop to comment.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h42
    [SS3] Elfyn Evans (Ford) - Still stopped on the previous stage SS2 with an electrical problem.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h40
    [SS3] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 10:51.2 “It was very very fast. It was a good stage for us, I am happy with my rally so far. I am trying to save the tyres a bit. It will get faster and faster for the cars behind.”- Commented that the dust is starting to hang in the stage.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h38
    [SS3] Mads Ostberg (Citroën) 10:48.9 - 7.4-secs faster than Ogier - “It was okay, good stage, good rhythm, nothing really special. I am happy with that.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h36
    [SS3] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 10:56.3 “Better, but the condition is really difficult. Huge road sweeping!”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h31
    On SS2, Dani Sordo goes quickest followed by the young Estonian Ott Tanak in the Ford +1.3-secs with the Volkswagen of Andreas Mikkelsen going 3rd fastest +2.8-secs. Overall classification looks like 1-Sordo 22:25.3, 2-Mikkelsen +0.1, 3-Tanak +2.0, 4-Meeke +3.0, 5-Latvala +4.3
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h31
    On SS3 there is a slight breeze at the finish of the stage, but nothing significant.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h27
    SS3 Caminha (18:05 kilometres) has just gone live with Ogier into the stage.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h26
    [SS2] Robert Kubica (Ford) 20:00.4 “Okay no big dramas. For me was okay I was driving nicely without any drama, all okay.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h24
    [SS2] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) 21:08.2 “Very very difficult, try to get the rhythm. All corners have very big rocks. Every corner I have to back off to avoid the rocks. Very difficult.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h23
    [SS2] Elfyn Evans (Ford) - The team reports it is an electrical problem which has stopped the young Welshman on the stage, they are trying to fix it.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h21
    [SS2] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 19:53.8 - 7th fastest so far.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h18
    [SS2] Ott Tanak (Ford) 19:42.8 “It is so strange as this was not so good at all. Really difficult stage, so sandy.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h16
    [SS2] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 19:47.7 “I try to be easy and not to destroy them (the tyres). For a long time there was black smoke (on the stage) and then I saw the car (the zero car). It was moving (the tyres) for sure but we will see on the next two stages.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h15
    [SS2] Martin Prokop (Ford) 20:36.3 “We have no brakes. Suddenly one moment we lose the rear brake and there was nothing. I do not know what to do, I will try to fix it.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h12
    [SS2] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 19:41.5 - Goes fastest, 2.8 seconds quicker than Mikkelsen - “After the hairpins, no power anymore.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h10
    [SS2] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 20:13.2 “Everything is good, but I had a very bad stage, I could not find the rhythm, a lot of stones. I was too careful with the tyres as well.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h08
    [SS2] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 19:45.0 - Just missed out on being fastest to Mikkelsen by 0.7-seconds - “Beautiful stage, really nice rhythm. Quite a few big rocks being pulled out, I try to avoid them but sometimes you have no option. Not a perfectly clean run, but a good stage.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h06
    [SS2] Elfyn Evans (Ford) - Reported stopped in the stage at 24 kilometres, he is asking to speak to the engineer on the radio so sounds like a technical problem.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h04
    [SS2] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 19:44.3 - Fastest so far, although Meeke is quicker on the splits. Tyres look quite worn - “It was a clean stage for us, no problem. Really working on my driving style the whole way through, not taking any risks. Great car. There are a lot of big rocks being pulled out after the first two cars, some I have not able to miss.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h02
    [SS2] Mads Ostberg (Citroën) 19:54.1 “For me the stage was okay, it was like being in a movie set. From about 18 kilometre on, fire everywhere… It was quite unreal.”
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 11h00
    [SS2] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 19:53.6 - Very dusty as he comes into the finish. He has a rear right puncture - “For long (had the puncture), I do not understand why. I had a very clean drive.” - Only carrying one spare so needs to be careful over the following two stages.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 10h48
    Sections of SS2 Ponte de Lima have been used in the past and is fairly wide but very twisty. The last few kilometres of the stage are rougher than the start, but even so compared to other rallies will not present a problem with the road being smooth gravel on a firm clay base.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 10h46
    SS2 is now live with Sebastien Ogier into the test. All crews today will run at 2-minute intervals.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 10h44
    Reports have come in from the organisers that the start of the first stage of the day SS2 Ponte de Lima may be delayed due to fire crews attending forest fires close by to the stage.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 10h41
    Dust may also play an important role, currently temperatures are looking to rise to 22℃ with only a light breeze reported which means that hanging dust may be an issue.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 10h40
    Tyre strategy on this rally is going to be an important factor, as the number of tyres permitted under the regulations is limited and on the super special last night, a number of the drivers using hard tyres or a mixture in order to save the soft compound tyres for use later in the rally.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 10h39
    Today we have a total of six stages, a loop of three done twice and providing a total of 128.70 stage kilometres. The stages are based further north up the coast with the longest stage of the day being the opener, SS2 Ponte de Lima coming in at 27.53 kilometres. There is a midday service in Matosinhos between the two loops.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 10h38
    In 2015 the rally has moved from the Algarve to it’s historical roots in the north of the country bring into play some of the classic stages with the Service Park based in Matosinhos, just outside the ancient city of Porto.
  • ven. 22.05.2015 / 10h37
    Welcome to round five of the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship, Vodafone Rally de Portugal.
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 21h01
    After the first super special we have a Volkswagen 1-2-3 with Mikkelsen going fastest ahead of team-mate Ogier (+0.5-secs) and Latvala (+0.8-secs). Tomorrow we have six stages, a loop of three tests done twice, totalling 128.70 kilometres. First stage of the day SS2 Ponte de Lima 1 (27.53 kilometres) gets underway at 9:40 local time (CET -1). Join us for all the action.
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 20h57
    [SS1] Mads Ostberg (Citroën) 2:43.4 “Today has been long, nice that the car is running so perfectly. No problems at all, glad to be through the first stage. I am looking forward to tomorrow.” - Ostberg rolled the car this morning during shakedown, but the damage was mainly cosmetic.
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 20h55
    [SS1] Sebastien Ogier (Volkswagen) 2:41.6 “It was okay, it was not easy, there was a lot of dust, I brake way too early. But it was okay, tomorrow is the real start.”
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 20h51
    [SS1] Dani Sordo (Hyundai) 2:43.8 “It was really nice to see all the spectators here and it is very nice to be near home.”
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 20h49
    [SS1] Jari-Matti Latvala (Volkswagen) 2:41.9 “I was with full soft tyres. It was alright, in the long right hand corners it was a bit moving.”
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 20h48
    [SS1] Kris Meeke (Citroën) 2:43.3 “It is just so nice to come to a place where motorsport and rally is appreciated. I think everyone is playing a game with the tyres in an attempt to save tyres.”
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 20h47
    [SS1] Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 2:43.2 “I tried a strange mix of tyres for this stage, it felt okay, I just went wide on one of the corners. I had a good stage.”
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 20h41
    [SS1] Elfyn Evans (Ford) 2:44.4 “The car feels good, but I am very poor at super specials. There is a long way to go, the atmosphere in here is incredible. I don’t like them (super special), I don’t get into the rhythm. We have work to do.”
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 20h40
    [SS1] Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen) 2:41.1 “It was great fun, a great place to kick off the rally. A lot of people. A clean stage for us to begin with. Really dusty in there, difficult to see some of the corners.”
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 20h36
    [SS1] Robert Kubica (Ford) 2:42.5 “It was good. It has been a long break since Mexico and without testing it is not easy. We have a brand new car, the stages are quite different to Mexico, it will not be easy but we will try.”
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 20h34
    [SS1] Hayden Paddon (Hyundai) 2:45.3 “Amazing to see so many people here, it makes it a pleasure to drive.”
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 20h32
    [SS1] Lorenzo Bertelli (Ford) 2:43.9 “I enjoy, we did quite a big mistake in the stage. I hope to finish in the top ten.”
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 20h32
    [SS1] Ott Tanak (Ford) 2:44.5 “It was quite nice, we had some mixed tyres and it was interesting in a few places.”
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 20h27
    [SS1] Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) 2:49.0 “I decided to go for the hard tyre and I know you can lose five or six seconds, it was very very hard. Just trying to save tyres for the rally.”
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 20h24
    [SS1] Martin Prokop (Ford) 2:43.7 “It’s great, I was just thinking on the start if everything will be okay with the new car. A really nice start.”
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 20h23
    The first WRC cars are now on the stage - Khalid Al Qassimi (Citroën) & Martin Prokop (Ford)
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 20h03
    The running order for SS1 is a mixture, so we will not see any of the leading drivers for another 15-minutes.
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 20h02
    SS1 runs two cars at a time and is now live with the first two drivers on the track.
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 20h01
    Tonight we have a super special as a prelude to the main action that starts tomorrow. A mixed surface rallycross track with a total 3.36 kilometres.
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 19h59
    Good evening and welcome to round 5 of the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship, Vodafone Rally de Portugal, live from Matosinhos.
  • jeu. 21.05.2015 / 13h33
    Welcome to Rally Portugal. The first stage will be live tonight at 19.01 (local time)
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